Gardening – Putting the Garden Beds to Rest

Bed C was a tomato bed from June to October is now the home of 20 garlic cloves and about 6” of straw mulch. The garlic will share this bed with tomato plants in June, roughly a month before the garlic will be harvested.

2021 was our first attempt at gardening. We were hardly the lone rangers on this front. The pandemic brought grocery shortages. Many people started gardening during the pandemic. For some is was just in case, for us it was also because society encouraged people to stay at home more. Restaurants were mostly closed, store shelves were unreliably stocked.

For us it was more than just a perceived need, it was a way to utilize a backyard space that once held our pool and gardening something to do during our free time. We are not getting any younger, gardening is a safer hobby than rock climbing, and it produces tasty food.

Year two is mostly in the books. From 3 raised garden beds in 2021 and a dozen or so containers to 11 raised garden beds, one 5 tier Greenstalk vertical container, one 8’x8′ cattle panel trellis and 25 or so containers by the end of 2022.

All of the beds are ready for winter. Here’s a pictorial of the 11 beds and cattle panels and Beth’s plotted plan for our 2023 medicinal herb garden beds. March will be here before we know it, time to begin plotting the beds for next spring!

New for 2022 tomato bed was home to San Marzano and Beef Steak tomatoes now has a cover crop of fava beans.
Bad A is over wintering 4 rows of carrots. They will be ready to harvest just in time to amend the soil and seed more carrots. We love carrots!
Bed C is overwintering bunching onions. Look closely at the bottom right hand corner, carrots transferred from a fabric container.
New to the garden in 2022; cattle panel poll bean trellis. Kentucky Wonder beans cut at soil level leaving the roots to decompose this winter. All vines dropped on top of the soil as mulch during winter. Early spring 2023 we will put peas here, then follow up with more poll beans in June.
New bed added late in 2022. Home to transplanted asparagus. Good news, bad news. The good news; more sunlight for the plants. The bad news; we will now have to wait until spring of 2024 to harvest…
New beds late season 2022, two hoop house beds that should continue to produce during the winter. Bed to the left; herbs…cilantro, parsley, oregano, dill and basil. Bed to the right; leafy greens…two rows of spinach and two rows of lettuce.
This bed was home to asparagus; now it is overwintering Egyptian Walking Onion (thanks Lacey Luell!).
Added late in 2022; three medicinal herb beds. In the fall we seeded chamomile and echinacea. Next spring 2023 the remaining herbs will be seeded. Beth plotted out all herbs on the next image.
Planning is an important part of gardening. This graph represents what will be planted in each medicinal herb bed based upon which herbs are compatible and how tall the mature plants will be.

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