Gardening: Planning 2022

Walla Walla Onions Thinned to one plant per cell. They will be transferred at least once to larger containers before being planted outside around April 12.

Planning has begun for year two of Operation Green Thumb. The operation has never really stopped; we have been growing micro greens and herbs inside all winter. It is now time to map out what the outdoor garden for 2022 will be and when tasks should be preformed.

The 2021 outdoor garden was in three raised garden beds near the backside of our garage and in several containers on the deck. Two beds were on the patio directly south of our garage and one along the fence line next to our neighbor Carol. We will need to move at least two beds to make room for a new deck going in this spring into summer.

The raised garden beds plus a plethora and wide variety of containers will be utilized as well.

We do not know for sure where the raised garden beds will be located this season, but we do know they will be located further south in the backyard or anywhere in the front yard for more hours of direct sunlight.

Last year’s companion planting can be improved upon and we need more flowering plants to attract pollinators. Plus, like most rookie gardeners we started some crops too early and some crops could’ve been started earlier in the season.

However…thanks to a handy tool called “Clyde’s Garden Planner” we have mapped out when each crop we are hoping to plant will be started from seed (if needed) inside, transferred to the outdoor garden, started from seed outside and when we can hope to harvest.

Here is the time frame that Clyde is recommending based upon an estimated last frost of May 26th and a first frost estimated at October 11th. Harvests will be on a different post.

February 6 – Started walla walla onions from seed indoors.

February 16 – Thinned walla walla onions to two per cell.

February 17 – Started red wethersfield onions from seed indoors.

February 24 – Chitted russet potatoes and stored in basement.

February 26 – Thinned the walla walla onions to 1 seedling per cell.

March 22 – Start cabbage and cauliflower from seed indoors.

April 12 – Transfer onion plants to Bed 3 outdoors.

April 19 – Start lettuce from seed outdoors. Start peas from seed outdoors. Start spinach from seed outdoors.

April 26 – Transfer cabbage and cauliflower outdoors. Start radishes and turnips from seed outdoors.

May 3 – Start pepper and tomatoes from seed indoors. Start beets and potatoes from seed outdoors.

May 17 – Start carrots and chard from seed outdoors.

May 24 – start watermelon from seed indoors.

May 31 – Start squash, cucumbers, beans and sweet corn from seed outdoors.

June 7 – Start pumpkins from seed indoors.

June 14 – Transfer watermelon outdoors.

June 21 – Transfer peppers and tomatoes outdoors.

July 12 – Succession Planting Begins: Start cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower and winter squash from seed outside. Transfer pumpkins outside.

July 19 – Start peas and chard from seed outdoors.

July 26 – Start beets and and beans from seed outdoors.

August 9 – Start radishes and turnips from seed outdoors.

August 16 – Start spinach from seed outdoors.

Walla Walla onions thinned to 2 seedlings per cell.on February 16.
Seedlings shortly after germination. Grow lights are the only way to make good seedlings and keep the herbs healthy indoors.
Most of the herbs flourished under the grow lights all winter. We lost our cilantro and the basil to the far right which was started from cuttings is not looking good. Come on last frost!

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