Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!

R Dub with our first attempt at Micro Green veggies. A great source of healthy food from seed to table in 2 weeks or less.

We loved being able to go to the garden in the and pluck tasty and healthy snacks out of the garden during outdoor harvest times last summer and fall. When the first killing frost arrived, that all ended…until January 1st.

Well, we couldn’t go out to the garden which is now a micro tundra, but we did start some indoor micro greens one week prior to Christmas that we began to harvest of New Years Day.

We do not have any photos from planting day. The following photos begin on day 2 when the seeds began to sprout and continue until to day 14 when 1/3 of the micro pea shoots are cut and converted into a tasty side dish for our evening meal.

What is not included in this post: 8 hours soaking the 4 oz each of mixed lettuce blend and pea seeds in water before sowing them. Pouring 2 cups of water in the bottom of the trays prior to adding organic seed starting soil into the trays. Soil filled trays withing 1/4″ of the top. Evenly distributing the soaked and rinse seeds across the top of the soil.

Finally the trays were covered with an empty tray until the seeds become established seedlings 3 to 4 days later. Why? To keep the seed in the dark until they germinate and to give the sprouts a little resistance while they are growing to simulate pushing up through soil.

R Dub is planning to produce a video of the next round from tray preparation to harvest for late January upload.

December 20. Day 2. THe seeds have begun to sprout.
Day 2 for the mixed lettuce blend.
Day 2 overhead view. There are quite a few of the seed that have yet to germinate. Watering for the seedlings is pulled from the 2 cups at the bottom of the trays for the first 3 to 4 days.
Peas on December 22, day 4. Closer to full germination and longer growth. Kept the
Lettuce blend on day 4. kept the upper tray on to promote stronger stems.
Day 4 overhead view. Better germination, but need better strength.
December 23. Day 5 Strong enough to be moved under the grow lights.
December 28, day 10. Some uneven growth in both trays. Watering one cup of water twice daily concentrating on the zones with slow growth.
January 1st, day 14. The peas are ready to harvest. The mixed greens can wait another day or two.
January 1, day 14. Beth is cutting pea shoots that have grow to 4″ to 5″ in length. We harvested 1/3 of the tray for an evening side dish.
We are hoping that these peas are cut and come again. Getting a month of tasty greens would be great.
Preparing to make a side dish of wilted greens. Garlic, salt, pepper,rice vinegar, balsamic vinaigrette, sesame oil and avocado oil.
COoking our greens in a tiny wok that Beth’s brother John gave us for Christmas this year!
From seed to plate in 2 weeks. Nice! What’s the entree? Sauteed shrimp from a Sam the Cooking Guy recipe. Next post for that recipe.
Mixed greens Sunday afternoon waiting for the Packers to kick off!

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