2021 – Year In Review Photos

Photo from “Man of a Certain Age” post.

January 2021

Ceremonies for the November 2020 grads were cancelled with the option to join the May 2021 grads during a June 2021 ceremony.
My grid down novel “Disturbance In The Force” begins to be written.
Cooking posts begin, inspired by Sam The Cooking Guy on YouTube.

February 2021

This YouTube video has been viewed over 1000 times. Most viewers were one time only and found it by FaceBook suggesting it.
Masks were a big debate in February. R Dub weighed in on the types available, how they work, and any 3rd party testing or certification for them all. This selfie taken during the summer of 2020 took place at Omaha’s Eppley Airport baggage claim waiting for Beth to fly in from San Francisco.

March 2020 – A busy BLOG month – We began to venture out more often.

Venturing out. The laughing Tap in Milwaukee to experience some stand-up comedy.
Venturing out. Johnson Sausage Shop to get fresh meats and sample some potent potables with owner Chris Johnson.
Inspired by our trip to Johnson Sausage and Sam The Cooking Guy: The most expensive Mac N Cheese we’ve ever made. Lobster chunks, bacon, 5 cheese sauce over rigatoni. Delicious!
The first of multiple posts warning that relying solely on shots to protect against the any virus is not the best practice. That was before Delta and Omicron. Omicron is consistently evading the shot and infecting fully immunized people. We are frequently amazed that all of the medical officials that do not educate people on the value of eating well, sleeping well and supplementing shots with vitamins and other supplements that promote immune system strengthening.
Our dog Buddy Girl died suddenly in March due to a burst mass.
We began Operation Green Thumb. An attempt to eat healthier and be more food independent via a vegetable garden. Seedlings were begun from seeds in March.
Through an invitation from our friend Tracy, we took a series of craft classes at Art On The Town in BD. The project continued until September.

April 2021

We produced the first live production with an on-site audience at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre’s Fine Art Center since the COVID19 lock downs. An evening of stand-up comedy. Featuring our Dana Ehrmann and two of her professional comedy friends.

May 2021

Seedlings begin to be transplanted into the raised garden beds.
The first Tuesday in May begins the water ski season for the Beaverland Mustski Water Ski Show Team. This is a file photo from R Dub’s library of water ski photos. 18 people all adorned in multiple layers of neoprene to keep warm in water that was mostly ice just 3 weeks earlier.
Fun run fund raiser for Huntington’s Disease. Beth, Allen, Helen and R Dub participated as extended family members of Team Guzi.
Allen in the foreground and hundreds of the thousands of participants in the background.
R Dub finished in less than spectacular time, but a finish is a finish.

June 2021

The first harvest from our garden. First in, first up and first out. Radishes!
Graduation is celebrated officially on campus at Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska.
Immediately following graduation ceremonies, we are on a plane headed for a family vacation in Yellowstone National Park with mom. Mom’s first time on vacation in over a decade and first time on a plane in several decades.
Two birthdays were celebrated during vacation. Riane’s 24th and R Dub’s 60th.
It was difficult to choose the right picture to commemorate our Yellowstone vacation and if you follow this blog, you’ve already seen many. This photo was choreographed by Beth’s daughter Maddie and I think it says it all. It was staged just prior to all of us leaving for our flights home. The VRBO was full of hats, we each chose our own for the photo op!

July 2021

Harvesting continues. 1st Cut and come again lettuce and spinach. Carrots, peas and beans too.
Cherry tomatoes begin harvest in early July and continue to be quite fruitful until late September.
Our lone harvested cabbage. They needed to be planted earlier. Lesson learned.
Herbs began to enjoy the warmer weather. Most of the herb garden was successfully moved indoors for the winter.
Container potatoes which began in late March begin harvest in late July. We will plant many more potatoes in containers for 2022.
Late July began harvest for the Steak Sandwich tomatoes.
The cherry tomatoes were plucked and eaten while collecting. Why? Because they were SOOOO sweet! I’m guessing total harvest in excess of 500 each.

August 2021

Jalapeno poppers from garden fresh pepper. What a treat. Next year more jalapenos!
The 2021 Indmar Motors National Division 1 Show Ski Championship tournament. The Mustskis were loaded with many tiny tots who’d never been in competition. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Instead this team qualified for the National tournament at the Regional tournament at Lake Wazeecha in July and performed a near flawless show at Nationals. It was great to see them ski to the best of their abilities that day.
Smiles are important in show skiing. This is what it is supposed to look like.
Paid shows are a bonus. This one is at the Tiki Beach and Resort at the Kettle Moraine Lake near Campbellsport, WI.
August 28 sees R Dub in a wet suit and on water skis for the first time in over 3 years. No muscles were pulled…

September 2021

Craft lessons continue. Adding pigment to our pots, then to the kiln.
R Dub skiing in his first show, the Labor Day show. First time skiing in a show for three seasons.
Garden to plate continues. San Marzano tomatoes, cucumbers, Beaver Dam peppers, walla walla onions and basil all plucked from our back yard into this caprese salad.
The finished product from our craft lessons at Art On The Town.

October 2021

Late season pole beans. We will plant more beans in 2022 as well. They were easy to grow and very tasty.
The pole beans liked the west side of the house and the trellising we made for them.
The Eagles with Vince Gill in concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN Two bucket list items check off in one evening.
Back on stage for the first time in many years as the quirky waiter Stanley in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. Pictured here with salesman Willy Loman played by Paul McMillan. This was the first drama staged at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre’s Fine Art Center since the pandemic shutdowns.
The famous Painted Ladies of San Fransisco during our trip for medical continuing education and to see our daughters who live in the Bay Area of California.
R Dub and mom Janice decorating dad’s grave-site for Christmas. Beth is taking the photo and was instrumental in getting everything ready.

December 2021

Decorating the outside of the ranch was a team effort for Beth and R Dub.
Decorating the inside of the house for Christmas was equally a team project. Matching PJs optional, but fun.
Theater is a part of every year. We saw two Christmas related shows live this year and participated in a third. This one at the Kettle Moraine Playhouse in Slinger, “A Christmas Carol” at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and R Dub played the lead role of George Bailey in BDACTs radio production of “It’s A Wonderful Life”.
R Dub with “It’s A Wonderful Life” Producer Diane Rabehl prior to a performance. Di and I have worked together in many productions as co-directors, director/producer, as director/performer and producer/performer. She’s a true friend to us.
Maddie and Beth mugging for the camera while taking a spin in Santa’s sleigh at Swan Park.
We love Ornaments to commemorate special occasions. This one is for our Jeep tour of SF with the girls.
Our one and only turkey of the year. Dry rubbed for 24 hours with course Kosher salt and baked to perfection on Christmas Eve day.
Christmas Eve service at Riverglen church in Waukesha. Great music and a great message.
The traditional Christmas puzzle. Pieced together by multiple generations. Beth’s mom Helen, Beth, my daughter Riane, Ri’s guy Michael, and less than 10 pieces by R Dub.
New Years Eve 2019 at Karen’s. Will New Years Eve 2021 be this jovial? Probably!

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