Holiday Traditions – Days 11 & 12: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth and R Dub in front of the Pabst Theater Christmas tree in Milwaukee. Our twelve days wrap up. Two for one final post for this series.

Our twelve nonconsecutive days of Christmas end with a nonconsecutive two for one post of days 11 and twelve. There are several gifts to chronicle as well. We united on Wednesday December 23 to prepare for Christmas eve and Christmas day.

It is appropriate also, to post the final installment of our 12 Nonconsecutive Days of Christmas on the official first day of the twelve days of Christmas.

We concentrated successfully on taking advantage of our time together from 12/23 to 12/26 when Boxing Day/Kwanzaa sent us in different directions. We concentrated on Christmas and enjoying our time together, the blog had to take a back seat, and it was well worth it.

If days 11 and 12 were compared to a firework show, these days were the grand finale. Granted more of a back yard grand finale firework show, but a grand finale all the same.

Beth gave R Dub this ornament commemorating our trip to the Bay Area of CA for a medical conference and to see our girls who live there. On the final day there we had a Jeep Tour of SF.
Staying with our theme of the little red pick up truck R Dub gave Beth this wreath hanger.
Yep! R Dub gave Beth this little red pick up truck ornament!
Beth gave R Dub these ornaments saluting his delayed by COVID19 Masters Degree graduation ceremony.
Beth gave R Dub this tripod with remote control for his fledgling YouTube and Blog video efforts.
Last, but certainly not least we got each other matching Brew Crew his n hers ball caps!

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