Holiday Traditions – Day 3: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth looks better in our matching Christmas PJs, but R Dub would have it no other way!

Day 3 is back to Beth. Friday evening December 3rd.

Matching Christmas PJs have been on R Dubs wish list for many years. Corny? Yes. Childish? You betcha!

R Dub is a man of simple pleasures. I’m easy to make happy. Past blog posts have talked about Bucket List items that are pretty simple like The Eagles concert, a trip Yellowstone, and etc. Christmas wish lists are no different.

Christmas gift lists are just as simple. My ideal Christmas morning? Everyone in matching PJs making a simple breakfast of pancakes and link sausage with a hot coffee. This year? That may actually happen. Stay tuned!

Day four is back to R Dub.


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