Holiday Traditions – Day 4: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Day 4. Personalized ornaments are fun. They remind us of what was. A friendlier version of Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Past. Long past? No, our past!
The photo that inspired the Day 4 gift!
The backside of the ornament so we never forget the year. Our only disappointment was not having enough space on the ornament for everyone’s name on the back.

Day 4, Sunday December 5, R Dub’s turn. A personalized ornament commemorating our family vacation in Yellowstone. The web site showed enough space to put all of our names on the ornament, but a friendly Customer Service rep sent a message that, in reality, there was only enough room for Beth and Ron and the year…

In June we posted a series of blogs that chronicled our family trip to Yellowstone with Beth’s daughter Madison, R Dub’s mom Jan, daughter Riane and her guy Michael. Commemorating that wonderful vacation with an ornament seemed perfect. Beth agrees.

Beth and I both remember family vacations growing up. We grew up in an era and a socioeconomic time that didn’t facilitate flying everyone in to the location from different parts of the USA, but our parents made it happen. They’d load up the cars with luggage and food and the family and off we’d go. Pretty much every year.

Warm memories were formed on these vacations. Through either our minds eye or from old photos and 8mm film converted to digital media we remember…and fondly.

This was R Dub’s way of making sure we think of the Yellowstone vacation each year, at least on every Christmas tree.

Day 5 is back to Beth – stay tuned!

Final day (hour) group shot at the VRBO
Happily crammed into one vehicle.

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