Holiday Traditions – Day 1: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Basil plants under R Dubs 1st Day of Christmas gift from Beth. The plant on the right did get pruned after this shot.

Day #1 of The Twelve Nonconsecutive Days of Christmas was prior to Thanksgiving. Beth was so excited on the day that this Grow Light showed up at the ranch that waiting for December was not an option. She immediately asked if we could celebrate the first day of Christmas and I excitedly said, yes!

These grow lights are adjustable in height and have a built in timer that runs the grow lights for 16 hours per day and allows the plants to rest for 8 hours per day. This is the perfect amount of light and rest for herbs.

The only plants that we are currently growing indoors are herbs and micro-greens. As the picture shows, we have two basil plants under R Dubs gift from the 1st Day of Christmas.

Basil is one of Beth’s favorite herbs. So, like many of the gifts we will be giving each other during our Twelve Nonconsecutive Days of Christmas, this gift is really for both of us!

Stay tuned for Day 2, when R Dub unveils his first gift to Beth.


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