Gardening – Winding Down Outside: The Few, The Hardy

These beets will be the next crop pulled for the winter. We spent several hours Saturday and Sunday cleaning up the most of the containers and raised garden beds.

Beth and I spent many of the daylight hours Saturday and half the day Sunday taking down most of the backyard garden.

Mostly fruitless bean, pea, tomato and corn plants were pulled from containers and the beds to become compost for the 2022 garden.

There are still a few crops left growing in the each bed and Brussels sprouts are looking good in 5 gallon bucket containers. Bed A has spinach, mesclun greens, carrots, walking onion and rosemary yet.

Bed A has a smattering of spinach and mesclun greens, a few carrots, one walking onion plant and a small rosemary plant. All of them will be overwintered right where they are with some straw to insulate them through the cold Wisconsin winter.

Bed C is the most bare with just Swiss chard. They are smaller than we hoped for. However, they are no longer competing with the tomato plants for sun and soil, so maybe they will have a quick spurt before the first big snow. Chard is supposed to become sweet after the first snow. That’s something to look forward to.

The Swiss Chard must be happy to no longer be competing for sunshine and soil with the tomato plants that we pulled last weekend. Hopefully they grow two times before the first big snow. If not, overwinter for spring.

Bed B is the theme picture for this post and contains our second round of beets. The beets will need to come out this week with snow forecast for Friday and Sunday. Everything else that is still outside can handle temperatures down to 20 degrees F.

The most hearty plant that we still have outside are Brussels Sprouts in 5 gallon containers. They have yet to produce any sprouts, but the plants look very healthy. We fertilize every other weeks and water regularly.

Brussels Sprouts giving their best to produce some sprouts before the brutal cold arrives.

Almost all of the herbs were moved inside last weekend. Beth took care of most of them. We have one little rosemary plant in Bed A that will try to survive the winter under straw. The rest are inside. Basil which we devoted our last blog post to. Mint, rosemary, parsley, oregano and cilantro are all inside.

Unfortunately, the cilantro is showing some serious stress. We are hoping that some fish fertilizer and grow lights bring them back to good health. It’s Beth’s favorite herb.

Operation Green Thumb is still in operational, just scaled back for late fall.

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