Gardening – Late Harvest & Planting: 4th Quarter 2021

Photos of many things still in the garden. What’s not pictured, west side pole beans and cabbage, plus 6 container Brussels sprouts.

Plus plans for attempted cold weather crops. When we are in, we are all in.

This year has been more experiment than results oriented. With that said, we’ve been very happy with some of the results, disappointed in other results and hopeful that lessons learned will be applied to next year.

Pods and blooms are appearing on the 2nd round of peas.
Bed B. Beets will be harvest ready soon We moved container pole beans into this bed and it is utilizing the net trellis. There are a few walla walla onions yet to harvest. Unseen, yellow wax beans that continue to produce.
Yellow wax beans continue to produce. It’s only a couple of dozen per week now, but they sure are tasty once per week.
Tabasco peppers are finally turning red. They will be more center piece than food, but we like this addition to the garden.
After being dormant for about a month, the Beaver Dam Peppers have blooms and a handful of peppers growing.
Our Pepperoncini’s continue to be the most reliable producer.
After being dormant for a few weeks this jalapeno plant has a couple of new peppers and several blooms. We put it in a small portable greenhouse to help along this plant and a two sweet pepper plants during this warmer than normal autumn.
Our San Marzano tomatoes are hanging in there. While there is ample fruit on the vines, ripening has been slow. The taste of these fleshy tomatoes is fabulous. We will have more than three plants in 2022 for sure. Perhaps dedicate an entire bed to them.

Fall succession plants are beginning to bear a harvest ready crop, and some of the original spring seedlings are still producing.

Second round radishes have been plucked and eaten.

Second round carrots need another month.

Sweet corn planted in late July was eaten by use in salsa and by the neighborhood squirrels.

September pole beans have climbed to the top of the bamboo trellises but do not have beans yet. July planted beets can be pulled anytime, we will wait for them to grow some more.

Swiss chard is about half way to harvest ready size, they should be at their sweetest after the first snow (we will wait).

Second round summer squash, thanks to our friend Lacey, is just producing fruit.

July planting of Brussels sprouts are a month away from harvest.

Second round leafy greens of Mesclun and Spinach have been cut once and are coming again.

Planting is complete, correct? Not so fast my friend.

I just put 3 cabbage plants in the ground that should be able to handle cold down to 25 degrees F or so. Garlic has been planted in containers and should be ready to harvest next July.

We will plant more leafy greens, probably more spinach and some arugula when the beets and onions are pulled.

Most of the herbs have been moved inside and we started micro-green mustard seeds both hot and mild under the grow lights.

Operation Green Thumb should continue through the winter and into 2022. We have learned much and need to apply the knowledge next season. Yet there is much more to learn…


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