Gardening – What Ate Our Sweetcorn!

I was greeted by this sight last night when checking out the garden for crops to harvest. This ear was taken from the container 3 spots east of where they ate it! I guess the corn is ready to harvest…

Part the daily regimen during our 2021 year of Operation Green Thumb is checking on the status of the garden when arriving home each day.

Luckily pests have not been a huge issue. We’ve not lost any crops due to a pest all season…until Thursday 9/23/21…

Oh sure, we’ve had a few leaves nibbled on by insects, but until yesterday an entire fruit or veggie had not been consumed by anything other than a human.

One Supersweet ear of corn was stripped from its stalk, carried or dragged about 4 feet east, husked on one side and then eaten. It was a sinking feeling, but at least we know that the sweet corn is ready to be harvested and eaten.

We are guessing that the thief was either a squirrel or a racoon. Most likely a squirrel.

Tonight or Saturday morning we will harvest the ears and use the stocks as part of our Autumn decorations on the front patio. Lemonade from lemons!


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