Seasons – Autumnal Equinox Begins

The view from outside my desk in the fall of 2016. R Dub likes the change of seasons in the Midwest, but fall has to be the prettiest.

September 22, 2021. The autumnal equinox. The sun is lined up with the equator and both hemispheres will get the same amount of potential sunshine today.

Earth’s axis in equilibrium to the sun. Happens twice per year to mark the beginning of astrological spring and fall. On these days both hemispheres receive the same amount of sunshine.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere it is the astrological beginning of fall. Sunrise begins later and sunset begins earlier each day until we get to the winter solstice on December 21, 2021.

R Dub likes the change of seasons in the Midwest. You will rarely hear me grumble about extremely hot or cold weather. Mainly because weather is rarely extreme here in Wisconsin.

Temperatures above 90 degrees are few and short lived. I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced a day above 100 degrees since moving here in 2000.

There is plenty of traditional winter weather here, but I don’t think it can be considered extreme. Sure there are plenty of days when your face hurts the moment you step outside, but Canada puts us to shame for cold temperatures. No need grousing when they make perfectly good insulated clothing, and fireplaces.

Spring may be my least favorite season in Wisconsin. Mainly because spring does not really exist in Wisconsin. What we do have is milder winter weather that includes snow occasionally up until early May that suddenly turns into a mild summer in early June.

But I digress. No more grousing about weather in this post.

Fall. Perhaps my favorite of the seasons. Cool air, leaves turning colors, football, bon fires, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love them all.

Hello autumn! It’s great to see you my old friend!


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