Gardening – Determinate or Indeterminate: That Is The Question

To our surprise, these San Marzano tomatoes have blossomed into a second harvest. With mild fall weather there may even be a third. That is a pleasant surprise.

Have you ever fallen victim to mistaken identity? Moreover have you ever been guilty of mistaken identity?

Not so sadly, R Dub is guilty of misidentifying our San Marzano tomatoes. In an earlier post our San Marzano were listed as Determinate, while the Steak Sandwich Hybrid tomatoes were correctly identified as Indeterminate.

At this point some of you may be thinking…duh! While others are asking…so what?

For those saying…duh! I know, I know. Our tomato homework graded as a C-

For those asking…so what? It matters. Determinate tomatoes mature early and are done, frost or no frost. Indeterminate tomatoes will continue to bear fruit until the first killer frost. By this time we were expecting to have ripped out the determinate plants and replaced with cooler weather loving plants for a fall harvest.

What was my mistake? The most common plum type tomato is the Roma. The Roma is determinate, so I assumed that the San Marzano is too. Ope! You know what happens when we assume? An ASS is made of U and ME…

The good news is…we WILL have a harvest in the cooler fall weather without the need to pull anything out or wait for something else to mature.

We earlier predicted around 70 San Marzano total. We have achieved that harvest number…and eaten almost all of them as fast as they were plucked. If the photo above is accurate, we can expect an additional 50 to 60 tasty San Marzanos.



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