Gardening – July and August Succession Plants: How Ya Now?

Sweet corn in containers. Sown in July, tasseling now, should harvest in time for Thanksgiving. In the background: Tabasco, Beaver Dam, and pepperoncini peppers transferred from indoor seed to containers in May, and a peek at Pole Beans in a container and teepee trellising.

Succession and fall harvest plants are slowly taking the place of summer harvested plants, and a few additions that prefer cooler weather than hot weather.

The corn pictured above were planted in early July and should be ready to harvest in November. Tassels just emerged in the last few days. At that time we moved them closer together for the wind and pollinators to help cross pollinate the stalks. There are 4 containers with 3 stocks each. 100% germination.

These Pole Beans were planted late last week and have sprouted nicely, we will need to decide which of the two seedlings growing to the rear right side to keep this weekend. Seen in the background is a summer squash plant donated to us from our friend Lacey and 5 gallon buckets with Brussels Sprouts.
Teepee trellising for 12 more Pole Bean plants protected from our bunnies by snow fencing.
Two rows of beets in raised garden Bed B. One sown in early July and one sown in early August replace summer harvested carrots. Still producing for us to the left are bunch beans and leaf lettuce sown in May. The Walla Walla onions will stay in the ground for 30 more days.
Raised Garden Bed A with mostly succession plants. To the left is a second round of Spinach sown in July where carrots once were. The next row is mixed greens that are cold loving plants that will do well until the snow flies. Difficult to see the between the mixed greens and new peas are carrot seedlings that were sown a little over one week ago. Finally, to the far right is the next round of peas. Bonus, in the far left hand corned is a small Rosemary plant that we just pruned down to 4″ in hopes that it will branch out 2 more stalks before we attempt to transplant it to a container for the approaching winter in 3 short months.
Brussels Sprouts in a 5 gallon bucket. They can survive up to 20 degrees cold. If needed, we can transfer them to the ground when the Pole Beans are done this fall.

Not pictured but part of the succession planting is Swiss Chard in Bed C with the soon to be done tomato plants. Swiss Chard loves cold weather and will be at its sweetest when covered with a blanket of our first snow. Hopefully not until late November or early December.

For a while we were unsure if beets had not been accidentally planted instead of Swiss Chard. The seedlings look just like beets. However, the Next Level Gardening guy out of southern Cali reassures us that Swiss Chard is related to the beet family. Big relief for Beth and R Dub.

Also not pictured in the succession post is radishes and carrots in the garden pond container that once held cabbage and cauliflower. The cabbage was awesome and we are starting more from seed inside. The cauliflower bolted in the hot weather and had to be ripped out. We will transplant the cabbage seedlings in the same bed as the Pole Beans after the hot August weather leaves us.

Operation Green Thumb moves on to the next chapter! We are geekily excited. Geekily may be a new word…


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