Gardening – Training An Old Vine a New Trick

We have successfully trained four cucumber vines to travel sideways instead of up. This photo shows two running laterally. After this morning there are now 4 of the 5 vines running laterally. As feared all of our cucumbers are growing at the top of the trellis. There certainly is more sunshine there. So…we do not blame them!

A few blogs ago we wondered if the cucumbers would outgrow the 9′ trellis we set up. The answer was yes.

We also wondered if they would continue to grow up on the roof. Well…we were not going to wait for that inevitability, action needed to take place.

One suggestion by a subordinate at work was to train the vines to traverse instead of climb. But how? Simple. Get out a ladder and gently feed the vines across the top of the trellis. We will continue to do so, thankfully there is still 6′ more of trellis to the east.

We’ve got this. Operation Green Thumb marches on.


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