Gardening – No Potato Before It’s Time

100 Day Old French Fingerlings. The second and last bucket was far superior to the first. Was it the extra 10 days of growing, or was it the bigger bucket?

Two weeks ago we posted a blog and YouTube video featuring the first harvest of our potato buckets. 100 days ago we began to grow potatoes in containers. Yukon Gold and French Fingerling.

We chose these varieties because they are different. We can buy organic russets frequently and occasionally organic reds, but Yukon Gold and Fingerlings of any kind are difficult to find in our neck of the woods, organic or not.

As we’ve stated frequently in this series; this is operation Green Thumb. A self imposed challenge to grow at least a little of our own organic food in 2021.

The potatoes will be harvested in 10 day windows beginning on day 90. The first container; a 4 gallon water jug was harvested on day 90, the earliest that the seed package said we could dump them.

The results were good, but not great. 2 chitted seed potatoes resulted in a dozen smallish potatoes. They were delicious and only made one side dish for the 4 of us in our home.

Day 100 arrived and we eagerly chose to dump the 5 gallon bucket. Our final container of Fingerlings. The results, in our humble opinion were great. Three chitted seedlings produced 30 good sized fingerling potatoes. We pictured them above and on the YouTube video below.

The next blog post will feature a 4 gallon water jug of Yukon Gold potatoes on their 100th day of growth. The seed packet estimated a 110 to 120 day harvest time frame. We chose to dump this container of Yukon Gold because the tops were pretty much dead and we feared that the potatoes in the container would either become victims of root rot or eaten by bugs. There was a slightly less than good yield in our opinion. Stay tuned!


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