Gardening: This Spud’s For You

Two dozen or so Fingerling Potatoes grown in a 4 gallon water jug. Harvested on day 90.

On April 26, 2021 we published a blog post called “What’s In Your Bucket” that chronicled our attempt to grow Yukon Gold potatoes and Fingerling Potatoes in buckets. The planting was actually on April 24, but it took me two days to get around to writing the blog post.

Four each 5 gallon buckets and two each 4 gallon water jugs were used to plant Yukon Gold potatoes. The fingerlings were planted in one 4 gallon water jug and one 5 gallon bucket.

Potato buckets and water jugs. Our first outdoor plants next to empty raised garden Beds A & B.

Today, 90 days later we harvested the first 4 gallon water jug containing French Fingerlings. Harvest time is estimated between 90 and 100 days. We chose to harvest the small container on the 90th day and will harvest the 5 gallon bucket on the 100th day.

We started with 3 chitted fingerling seeds that became a little more than two dozen harvested potatoes. Good odds.

90 day old French Fingerling potatoes in a 4 gallon water jug. There is a garbage bag wrapped around the jug to keep sunlight away from the fruit. Exposing them to sunlight risks them turning green and becoming poisonous.
The dump. The first potato we see is quite large for a fingerling. Watch the YouTube video and you will hear Beth gasp with delight as the potato is exposed after dumping. It’s quite cute.
R Dub picking through the soil looking for hidden treasures of potato!

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