Mates For Life – What is the Awareness?

This pigeon had a difficult time leaving the side of their dead partner last night. It did depart after the sun set, but the image haunted me most of the evening.

So I’m talking to Beth yesterday on the phone (yes we still use our communication devices to talk to each other) when the subject of weather came up. We are Mid westerners after all, so the subject had to come up at some point in the conversation.

She mentioned that there was heavy rain up north, and is it raining here? So I stepped outside of Door 4 at work to see if it is raining here…but instead I see the sight pictured above.

The bird laying down met an unknown to me untimely demise and its mate was standing guard over it. I watched for a while to observe what the live bird was planning to do.

On occasion the live bird would nudge the dead bird with its beak then back off sightly to watch.

I sent this photo to Beth who looked at it and informed me that they are pigeons and pigeons mate for life. We both felt sad for the living bird.

I checked in on the pair from time to time as the evening wore on. Eventually the live bird moved on.

When I returned to work today the carcass was still there, but has since been removed before beginning this post.

According to Wild Bird Watching; pigeons do indeed mate for life. However, there is a caveat. They mate for life as long as both birds are alive. If a pigeon loses a mate, especially a younger pigeon, they will usually find another mate.

According to Wild Bird Watching; “…the surviving bird will nearly always attempt to find a new mate. Some will find new mates in the same nesting season.

Others will forage for food through the breeding season, joining flocks in the fall. Still, others will help feed and raise the young of other pairs, but all will attempt to find a new mate at some time.”

There is solace in knowing that some creatures, like humans, will mourn their lost loves, yet have the instinct to continue on at some point. Some quicker than others.

Here’s the point where I digress a little. It’s my thing…

One thing that has been cemented in my mind the last 1 to 2 years; there is a human need to congregate and it is a deeply seeded need for most. The instinct can’t be held back for too long before we venture out to seek the company of others.

It appears that birds are designed the same way.


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