Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 5: Wildlife – Fowl

Photo by Skyler Ewing on
Mother Osprey on the top right of this nest feeding her chicks. This photo was obtained through the lens of a Spot Scope provided by Mike at Yellowstone Wonders. The photo above is a great shot of an Osprey providing a freshly caught fish to its young. We did spy an Osprey pulling a fish from the Yellowstone River.

Granted when most people think of Yellowstone National Park they rarely think birds. But that didn’t stop our girls Maddy and Riane, plus Ri’s guy Mike from focusing on the plethora of fowl that they spotted while we toured with Mike from Yellowstone Wonders.

Riane and Beth following an Osprey with field glasses with the backdrop of the Lower Falls.
Maddy and Mike bird watching at the Lower Falls lookout.
Maddy gave up her field glasses to Beth to see the Osprey flying through The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Cowbird confusing this horse for a cow. Cowbirds hitch a ride atop horses, cows and bison for the purpose of eating flying insects and ticks that invade the four legged creatures.
Difficult to see, but these are Blue Heron nests high atop dead trees along the Yellowstone River.
A Sandhill Crane couple with their chicks following along behind them. This photo was taken at Hayden Valley.
Tree Swallow
Part of Riane’s occupation as a Wildlife Rehab major at Lees McCrae College was caring for and educating others about this Red Tail Hawk. May Wildlife Rehab Center on the campus of Lees McCrae rehabilitated not only birds of prey, but birds of all types and species plus many mammals from various rodents like squirrel and predators like Bobcat. This photo not only explains her interest in fowl, but her lack of fear for the Rattle Snake that she wrangled in part one of this series about Yellowstone.
Riane’s occupation now is whelping and caring for puppies and their mothers at Guide Dogs For The Blind in San Rafael, California. If you want to know more about Guide Dogs For The Blind there is a great film about them on NetFlix called “Pick Of The Litter.”

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