Travel – Trip or Vacation Our Adventure In Yellowstone National Park

Group photo during our final moments at the VRBO before heading to the Bozeman, MT Airport

For our first time as a couple, Beth and I invited family members to join us on an adventure. Yellowstone National Park. Four days in the park and two days outside of the park.

Beth and I like to call our adventures trips, the kids liked the word vacation. R Dub likes both terms equally. Feel free to comment on your preferred term!

Beth and I started the journey on June 3rd, my birthday, from our home in Wisconsin and traveled to my home town in Nebraska to pick up my mother and participate in a side adventure.

The side adventure? Graduation ceremonies at Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska. I earned my Master’s degree last November and due to COVID19 restrictions had to wait until Saturday June 5th for the next ceremony.

Mom and I before the ceremony Saturday morning.
Beth and I on campus after getting my cap and gown. My one and only time on the Bellevue University campus. I studied at a remote campus in west Omaha for my Bachelor’s degree and on-line for my Master’s degree.

Saturday was a whirlwind. Graduation and then immediately off to Epply Airfield in Omaha to catch a flight to Bozeman, MT. 12:45 Central time take off from Omaha to Salt Lake City for a brief layover, then on to Bozeman and a 5:30 Mountain time landing and finally an hour or so drive to our VRBO in Gardiner, MT the northern entry into Yellowstone.

Beth taking an USSIE down the skyway. R Dub towing a few things while mom gets a ride from a nice airport worker to her seat on the plane.
R Dub clowning it up for Beth while mom enjoys looking out the plane portal.
Our view from the front yard looking to the south and east. “From purple mountains majesty” indeed.
Our VRBO owners had an interesting idea of decor around the place. This pile of bones is a conversation starter.
Mom enjoying a cool early evening on the back deck while Beth and I checked out this footbridge over the Maple Creek on the back side of the property. The Maple dumps into the Yellowstone River less than one mile from our VRBO.

The kids caught up with us on Sunday June 6th, my daughter Riane’s birthday. They flew in from San Francisco with a layover in Salt Lake City, arriving at the VRBO a little after noon.

Ri’s birthday brownies. She’s 24, but we didn’t have that many candles!
R Dub taking a selfie with Maddie and Beth in the background enjoying the wooden footbridge over Maple Creek.

Day one outside of the park was officially underway. Other than getting everyone settled into their rooms, our only adventure on day one was a visit to a hot spring spa just 2 miles away from our VRBO. Well, there was one more unexpected adventure. We were greeted by a small prairie rattle snake curled up on the sidewalk just before the steps to the front porch. Here’s a video of how the unwanted greeter was taken care of…

Ri took matters into her own hands…with the help of this shovel and relocates the young rattle snake greeter from the front of our porch.

Days 2, 3 and 4 with the entire group was in the park with a tour guide named Mike. I am still waiting for permission from his company to credit his amazing work with us.

There will be 4 or 5 total posts in this series. Two parts on Wildlife; mammals and fowl. One part on the other worldly thermal features in the park. One part on the amazing waterfalls and other beautiful sights to behold.

Stay tuned.


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