Cooking: Spare Ribs Easy & Perfect…Always

BBQ Ribs. One of my favorite snacks. It was the first thing R Dub learned to cook on the first smoker grill I owned. Now it is one of the least often meat cooked on my smoker.

Note that the ribs pictured above are on my Weber kettle grill and they not only look great, they were perfect. The smoker is now reserved primarily for smoked roasts like pork shoulder or butt and beef brisket. Meats that require 12 to 24 hours to cook.

Ribs can be done in as little as 90 minutes, 4 hours tops.

So what’s the secret? I’m glad you asked. I cheat. Before you go through too much tisking, I’m not the only one. My friends Di and Dave talked about it back when I was still slow smoking my ribs.

To be honest, I think this method is more consistent and much better tasting than ribs that are smoked.

We are Sam The Cooking Guy junkies. Sam, his son Max and a small but dedicated crew put up several recipes per week. They cook live. No prepared ingredients cooked in advance, few long cut away edited shots.

Max rolls tape and Sam begins to cook. 25 to 30 minutes later a tasty and easy to cook meal is sampled by Sam and the crew. We’ve made several of his recipes, some of which are on my YouTube channel and many on this blog.

We recently watched Sam prepare ribs the easy way and it inspired us to cook them for Father’s Day last week.

This Sunday we are having a few of Beth’s family over to celebrate her dad Allen’s 88th birthday. We think there will be a repeat performance of ribs!

Here’s all you need to do:

Put your ribs in a baking pan. (These are spare ribs, but it would great with St. Louis or Baby Back too.)

Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and cover with aluminum foil.

Bake at 350 degree F for 75 minutes. (That’s one hour and 15 minutes.)

While the ribs are baking make the following glaze:

Two tablespoons BBQ Sauce, Maple Syrup, brown sugar. Pepper sauce to taste. (Sam used chipotle sauce, we used sriracha. You can leave hot pepper out completely if you wish.)

Place baked ribs over a medium heat BBQ grill bottom side down. Cook two minutes and flip. Cook top side two minutes and twist. Cook two more minutes and flip. Brush (slather) glaze over the top of the ribs. Cook for 2 minutes and twist, cook for two more minutes and flip. Slather the bottom with glaze. Cook 2 minutes and twist. Cook 2 more minutes and flip. Glaze the top one more time. If the top looks like my picture above, cook two final minutes and pull. If not, cook until the ribs have a nice caramelized finish on both sides.

Let the rack rest for 15 minutes and cut into individual ribs.

EAT! Enjoy!

You are welcome!


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