Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes

Harvested radishes making room for companions to the tomatoes.
Our radish row prior to harvest Wednesday morning.

Operation Green Thumb sees it’s first significant harvest. Radishes were the first seeds sown in any bed, they were the first to germinate in the beds and now they are the first to be harvested.

Soon we will be able to cut lettuce and spinach. In a month or so, pull some yummy 4″ sweet carrots.

Chauncey Gardener from Being There would be please.

Radishes will be replaced with herbs and companion plants for the tomatoes soon.

We’ve already planted purple basil, we will sow some green basil seeds too. Parsley repels tomato eating horn worms, and attracts honey bees.

There are many companion plants for tomatoes. We have parsley that attracts hover bees and butterflies. Hover bees eat aphids, and butterflies…well butterflies are just cool.

Peppermint will repel rodents. The only rodents we have a rabbits, which are cute but we don’t want them to eat our stuff.

Marigold will repel nematodes. Nematodes will kill off the entire tomato plant from the root up.


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