Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens

We extended this 3 1/2′ Trellis for the beans and peas with a $3.50 netting. It is held to the gutters with Christmas light hangers.
The first issue with hanging netting from gutter hangers was a bird trying to take the netting off of the hangers. We assume for nesting material, so duct tape was used to close off the hanger openings. Crossing our fingers here…
We stole this idea from one of our favorite SoCal YouTube gardeners that specializes in tomatoes.
Bamboo will be used for potted tomatoes. Note the highlighted clip loosely holding the stem to the pole. Also stolen from the SoCal Garden guy.
…and of course the traditional tomato trellis that we will be using for the pepper plants. Although we can see were bamboo and the plastic rings may be the best alternative here too. Up dates to follow!

Operation Green Thumb continues with trellising our plants. The vining plants in beds A and B like beans, peas, zucchini and cucumbers are trellised with the first pictures shown. The extension is an R Dub original. The jury is still out… wish us luck.

Tomatoes in bed C are trellised with a structure made of scrap wood we found in the basement and garden twine. We stole this from another YouTube garden guy.

Bamboo and plastic clips featured in the picture with yellow highlight around the clip will be used to hold potted tomato stems loosely to the bamboo reed. We may switch out traditional tomato trellises being used on the peppers for this method. We like it.

FYI – we will be harvesting our first crop this week. But that’s for a different post!


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