Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?

This rock garden pool liner housing cabbage and cauliflower was purchased from the local Habitat Store.
These planters holding overstock tomatoes were picked up from garage sales and leftover from bygone annual plants.
5 Gallon buckets are the home of four types of pepper. Two sweet varieties and two hot varieties.
More 5 gallon buckets, these the home of potato plants.
These containers housing potatoes are empty 4 gallon water bottles that we pick up for free every month or so. We will use more of these for overstock pepper plants.

We have featured three raised 5′ x 3′ garden beds on several gardening blog entries. A significant amount of money, time, planning, and effort have been invested in these beds. We are quite happy with them and intend for the investment to be utilized for many years forward. So far so good. They look great. Everything we planted have emerged and are prospering. More on the beds another day.

Today’s feature is taking a potential lemon and turning it into lemonade on the cheap.

We started many plants from seed inside under grow lights. Three varieties of tomatoes, 5 varieties of peppers, 4 cabbage plants, 4 cauliflower plants and 4 rosemary herb plants. In addition to these plants we planned to sew the following seeds in the beds after the final frost: radishes, carrots, 2 varieties of onion, lettuce, strawberries, peas, 2 varieties of beans, spinach, and zucchini squash. It is an understatement to say that we over kicked our coverage in the beds. There was no way the three 5′ x 3′ beds would hold all of these plants.

Like our dearly departed friend Tom was fond of saying. When we are in , we are ALL in. Tossing or donating these plants is an option, but the last option for sure. We did give one cabbage plant to our cleaning lady. Plus our neighbor Carol expressed how much she misses having a tomato plant, so we may gift her one tomato plant of her choice. But the rest we are trying to find alternative garden spots that do not include planting in the ground.

Is there a solution? Many. Mostly #2 recyclable 5 gallon buckets. Some 4 gallon water bottles that a person in Burnett gives us when we call and ask for them. Large planters that housed annual plants from previous seasons, (Annual plants have a one season life cycle) and planters that we picked up at garage sales and Good Will type stores.

Oh, and a couple of unique alternative planters. The planter pictured at the top of this post is a liner for a rock garden that is now the home of 2 cauliflower and 1 cabbage plant. Not pictured is a work in progress. It is large aluminum stock pot that we plan to drill holes in the bottom of and plant our prized Tabasco seedlings given to us by our friend Chuck.

That plant will have it’s very own post when it begins to produce harvest ready peppers.

We feel like characters out of Lil’ Abner and Daisy Mae!


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