Backyard Living: Zap! Gotcha!

Our new solar powered Bug Zapper with the season’s first kill.

Ever spent an evening mesmerized by the backyard bug zapper? Me neither…JK!

We lovingly call them Bug Zappers because electrical discharge insect control system is too difficult to remember and it has little marketing appeal.

I remember the first one that my dad bought. I’m guessing that I was in late grade school or Junior HS. He anchored a pole to mount it on, buried electrical wiring to run it, then plugged it in.

The concept is simple. A black light draws bugs in and the electrified wires outside of the light exterminates the pests.

My brother and I would hang out on the patio after dark and wait. Soon, it was like an old Batman TV episode. ZZZZZZ Snap!

Mosquitoes were fun, but they vaporized quickly. If they came in waves, which they frequently would, it was like small fireworks.

Oh, but the June Bug! The June Bug was a real treat. It could take up to a minute for one of those bad boys to completely fry.

We have been slowly adding more and more solar powered devices in place of items that strictly run on traditional electrical power or disposable batteries. Flashlights, small battery chargers, a radio and now the bug zapper.

Instructions for each unit recommends charging these devices the first time by plugging them into a 110/120 outlet. After that, charge them one of three ways; the sun, conventional outlets or your car.

After the initial charge, this one has been outside everyday for over a week. It continues to energize after dark and as you can see has become productive in pest control.

Why a solar bug zapper? We are not much on burying electrical wiring, so we are hoping this method works. Being chased inside due to pesky mosquitoes sucks. Stay tuned!


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