Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes

First in and first to rise. Radishes will be first out too, but not for 2 more weeks.
Bed C in its entirety the ‘morning after’ See the spot in the middle where some mulch washed out. Tomatoes and radishes stood strong during storm #1 for them!

Sunday we put in most all of the seeds and seedlings that will go into beds. Monday the area got its first significant rain in weeks. Rain is usually a good thing, but last night it was a down pour around 6:00 pm. It dropped .4″ in about 30 minutes.

We worried that our new seeds would be washed out. Not to worry, the beds have great drainage. In fact as you can see by the picture. Our radishes have all peeked out above the surface of bed C.

In two weeks we should have several little red edibles and either choose another plant to go in their place or plant more fast growing radishes to harvest 21 days later.

Operation Green Thumb celebrates another small victory. Both over mother nature and thanks to mother nature.

Oh by the way. My grandpa LeGrande would not be proud of my crooked row, but that’s OK. Forgive me gramps!


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