Gardening: What’s Up Doc? Carrots!

Carrots as a snack or to cook with, we love them! Three rows sewn.

Second crop in our raised garden beds is carrots. Like the radish, carrots are also a cold weather liking plant.

We are big fans of the carrot. For snacking and for cooking. The radishes we are spreading out over time because they are ready for harvest quickly and we do not typically eat them very often. They are a good started plant for newbies like us.

Carrots will take 60 days to harvest. In the video I state 120, sorry. One take productions are a bummer, or no?

Due to our love of carrots and the longer harvest cycle we are sewing the entire bag of seeds in three rows. Two rows in Bed “A” and one row in Bed “B”.

For those wondering how we prepared the soil for our Raised Garden Beds. There is 6 inches of loam from a local produce farmer that we know. He was kind enough to bring us a bulk load last weekend. The top 6″ is a combination of organic raised garden soil and mushroom compost, roughly a 60-40 ratio of soil to compost. All soil types were blended together.

We spent most of Sunday hauling wheel barrels full of loam from the driveway to the beds in the backyard. The soreness went away today.

Sure it hurt a little, but it was a good hurt. We can hardly wait to plan out where the rest of the plants will be located and get them in. We also can’t wait for our first harvest. But…these are topics for another day…


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