Public Speaking Over Death

R Dub Rehearsing for A Christmas Carol 2016 Old Time Radio Show, My Eyes Are On the Sound Tech!

A quick follow up to Death Over Public Speaking.

Corporate HR supplied us with the structure and tools to catch our hourly employees up on training that could not be performed due to COVID19 restrictions in 2020. My boss took me up on my enthusiasm to lead my crews through the training.

Because we are an after hours work force, we do not compete with anyone for meeting rooms. Because we do not have any support staff beyond yours truly we are self sufficient.

For these reasons my crews were used as a beta group to determine how long to expect the training to take and how well the electronic training tools would work with our lap tops and projection equipment. All useful knowledge for our traditional hours crews in scheduling time and conference rooms.

There were nine modules in the training: Raising Concerns, Avoiding Retaliation, Social Media, Conflicts of Interest, Workplace Safety, Ethical Leadership, Avoiding Discrimination, Avoiding Harassment, and a second version of Avoiding Retaliation.

The training which included a battery of questions or scenarios to solve at the end of each module took a grand total of 55 minutes. Which I found interesting.

Why? In the earl 2000s I was invited on campus at the University of Wisconsin Platteville once per semester to teach a lab on industrial safety. If the class went one minute over 55 minutes I would finish the session with an empty classroom. So, I got used to designing my speeches in 55 minute lengths.

Irony tickles me.

Upon arriving to work today my co-supervisors gave me a hard time about performing the task as soon as the materials were available. It does not phase me, I love public speaking. If there were a full time trainer position available, I’d apply immediately.

The path has been cleared for my contemporaries. Now I’m looking forward to the next set of training modules dropping down.

FYI – while they were signing in I treated them to my YouTube video, “That’s Just Drummy”


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