Thriving With A Traveling Love

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For decades my work put me on the road. Whether it be for a HQ meeting, training, continuing education, vendor visits or customer visits. Having a suit case nearby was a must.

Since being downsized in 2015…that’s a PC way to say that my employment was terminated…business travel has not been needed for my current employer.

Beth, however, works for a medical group that contracts their services to many hospitals and clinics around the country. Her assignments are relatively local, but overnight stays are a frequent necessity.

Due to impending retirements at Hubbell, there are a couple of manager positions opening up that I have expressed interest in. Infrequent travel is a possibility for both of them.

After we discussed the possibility of both of us traveling for work, Beth sent me a link about work travel and relationships that I found helpful. Perhaps I thought it was helpful because many of the suggestion are things that we do. I will not go over all of them, however the link is at the bottom of this post for those who are interested in reading it.

The focus of this post will primarily be what we are doing that works. We have committed to sitting down and discussing new items together and see what is of mutual interest.

  1. Preparing to plan and planning for trips. Researching and sharing potential locations plus any of the activities, sights, lodging, food and interesting places at those locations. We also make what we call a story board. Each item for that location is written on a sticky note, a board with the dates of travel across the top and time of day along the left edge is made. We then place sticky notes of interest on the board. Notes are moved around to best fit the times available and relative location to each other, some are eliminated until the board is full and we agree on what is in, what is out and when we will do it.
  2. Small surprises. Like calling up a favorite Alexa radio station to be playing when they get home. Having a vase of flowers on the table. A favorite meal slow cooking or in the fridge ready for a quick reheat. And perhaps the most appreciated, having the home tidy and clean before returning home. Personally, I love smelling great food in the house when I get home and one of my favorite potent potables at the ready for post travel unwinding.
  3. Business travel together. Before COVID19 shut many things down, we loved going on the road to conferences together. San Diego, Austin and Kissimmee recently. I even sat in on a few medical continuing education classes. Some of it went over my head, but there was great learning and we did it together. We both loved it. We have both met up with the other for other business travel too. Even if it is for just one or two nights, the experience is a tie that binds.
  4. Utilize technology. FaceTime and mobile phone communication keeps you connected. Seeing each others face is better than a phone call. Texts are OKAY, but seeing and hearing each other is exponentially better. We play electronic games too. Recently Words With Friends, but we have also played trivia games.
  5. Stay supportive. There is nothing worse than putting a guilt trip or extreme sadness on your partner when they have to leave. Our theme for most things is “We’ve got this.” Travel is temporary and essential to the lifestyle that we both want.
  6. Mutual hobbies. We both love to exercise, yoga and working in the yard are frequent. We like looking at homes that are for sale and share listings back and forth. We like the same foods. We both love live theater, comedy and sporting events. Selfishly, I love that she shares the same taste in potent potables. She will share a scotch or bourbon with me and we both like a good brewery. As you know if you are reading these posts, we are attempting a new hobby…gardening.

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