Would You Like That Downsized?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Like many employers around the world, when the COVID19 downturn hit too hard and orders began to trickle in at a fraction of what we needed to sustain our workforce. The difficult decision was made to let 8 employees go. Four hourly employees and four salaried employees.

All four salaried employees were in the Baby Boomer generation. None of these employees volunteered to retire, they were retired against their plans and wishes.

Two of these employees were long time engineers. Over 30 years service for both of them. The rationale was to keep the Gen X and Millennial employees for the sake of continuity.

Steinbeck borrowed and adapted this line from a Robert Burns poem; “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

The thought pattern for our downsizing effort lives up to this quote. Last Friday one of those hard working and bright Millennial engineers left us for a better opportunity. We’d love to have one of our Baby Boomers back, hopefully it is not too late.


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2 thoughts on “Would You Like That Downsized?

  1. for sure: just because we’re old, doesn’t mean we want to go, and the younger set do move, are mobile, In my business of healthcare medical providers, we are glad to get a new doc or midlevel to commit to 5 years, its been that way for the past 15. Keep us old foggies while you can! Next rant: who took the “person” out of “Personnel”?

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