2020 Musings From Down Under

Guest Blogger – Russell Clark a former workmate from Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Corona, blah blah blah.

Politics and elections, blah blah blah.

Weather, blah blah blah.

All the insanity in the world and you people are still a massive bunch of wankers.

If this past year has done anything, it’s taught us how fragile life is, how fleeting it is and how things we thought were once important are not so important any longer.

So drink that beer, have that last piece of pizza, lay on the couch for a day and enjoy your life.

Stop living every minute of every day by a fucking piece of electronics strapped to your wrist or an app on your phone.

Spend time with your family, read a book (for once in your life), watch a great movie, cook a gourmet meal and appreciate what you have instead of what you don’t.

Eh. Enough preaching.

Do what I said, don’t do it, whatever. It’s time for a bourbon and a cigar.


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Conversational BLOG writer and contributing writer for LocaLeben magazine. My BLOG entries represent observations that intrigue, amuse, inspire or stimulate my appetite.

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